We’ve been the victims of a shout out! In a good way.

Thanks to HacDC for mentioning us on their website! HacDC was one of the first hackerspaces in the United States. A great model for how a hackerspace should be run. Take a look at their wiki as it has a lot of info on the internals of their operation. A learning tool to base our hackerspace on. Other hackerspaces to mention are NoiseBridge, NYC Resistor, and The Hacktory.

I would like to add, the idea of starting a hackerspace in Miami was after attending Nick Farr’s talk “Building Hacker Spaces Everywhere: Your Excuses are Invalid,” Jens Ohlig’s “Hacker Space Design Patterns,” and NYC Resistor’s “A Collaborative Approach to Hardware Hacking” at The Last Hope. (click the titles to listen to the talks)