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Post-Apocalyptic Communications

Want to learn how to communicate after doomsday? Then pick up the latest copy of 2600 (Autumn ’09)

Taking Things Apart at Saturday’s Hackathon

This Saturday we will get together for an afternoon of educative destruction where we will be disassembling old or busted electronics and salvaging parts for new projects (and as a side effect, learning a bit more about how these things are put together). You don’t need to bring anything, we will provide soldering irons, desoldering […]

Speech Recognition and Synthesis Library for openFrameworks

As a result of last Saturday’s Hack-a-Thon, Latrokles finished up the first version of his speech recognition and synthesis library for openFrameworks. As a wrapper around the speech APIs in OS X, it only works on the mac at the moment, but there are plans to begin porting the same functionality over to windows and […]

Scratch Day at HackMiami!

Today is world Scratch Day. Scratch is a project from the MIT Media Lab, a programming language that makes it easy to create interactive stories, games, animation, etc. It was designed to get kids involved in programming and to teach them the fundamental ideas behind computation and mathematics while allowing them to play around and work creatively. For more information, […]

HackMiami Investigates Solar Panels

At the 3/7/09 Saturday Hack-a-Thon, James was able to bring by a batch of solar panels and its related equipment. The panels and equipment were generously provided to us to play with for the day by Sun Electronics of Miami, FL. We successfully powered a laptop using only the power of the sun. We will be […]

HackMiami at Hamcation

A few of us drove up to Orlando, FL for the annual ham radio convention called Hamcation organized by the Orlando Amateur Radio Club. If you’ve never been to a ham radio convention I highly recommend it. Especially one of this size. It’s pretty much a flea market of radio, computer, electronics components and an exhibit […]