HackMiami at Hamcation

A few of us drove up to Orlando, FL for the annual ham radio convention called Hamcation organized by the Orlando Amateur Radio Club. If you’ve never been to a ham radio convention I highly recommend it. Especially one of this size. It’s pretty much a flea market of radio, computer, electronics components and an exhibit of antique radio equipment. It’s also a chance to meet old friends you usually only talk to over the airwaves. We spotted the Cheshire Catalyst manning the Linux distro booth.

There was a lot of cool stuff at this convention. One item that we just had to video tape was this old morse code training device. It’s an all mechanical hand cranked device that was used by the U.S. Military to train radio personnel morse code. Again what’s cool about these conventions is while the vendor was demonstrating to us this device and older gentleman mentioned how he remembered using this device during the Korean War.


They had several vendors that would take up maybe 20 tables with hundreds of bins full of adapters, tools, and electronic components for cheap. Soldering irons for $3… You can’t beat that!


It was interesting to see these old radios. Reminds you of a time where it was the center piece of the household. Where in the evening families be together to listen to their favorite radio show just before the station went off air.

Old Radio

Thousands of vacuum tubes made by familiar names like GE, RCA, and Westinghouse.

Vacuum Tubes