Taking Things Apart at Saturday’s Hackathon


This Saturday we will get together for an afternoon of educative destruction where we will be disassembling old or busted electronics and salvaging parts for new projects (and as a side effect, learning a bit more about how these things are put together).

You don’t need to bring anything, we will provide soldering irons, desoldering copper braids, and plenty of stuff to take apart. That said, if you have old busted electronics that you would like to get
rid of, feel free to bring them with you. In the past we have taken apart CD drives, routers, VCRs, printers, scanners, and even a belt sander.

We will also be having a presentation on Windows 7 Security by Jorge Orchilles at the beginning of the afternoon.

As always, you can just work on your projects, read, study, or just hang out.

The details:

WHERE: FIU (University Park Campus), ECS 280
WHEN: Saturday, September 5
TIME: 1 – 6 PM