Archives for February 2010

Rise of the Point-and-Click Botnet

HackMiami member Alexander Heid was recently quoted in MIT’s Technology Review about the Zeus trojan and anti-virus evasion. (Technology Review) – Even the basic Zeus kits include obfuscation techniques to help escape detection by antivirus software and other security measures. In one experiment, consultant Alex Heid of Information Security Services found that only about half […]

Hacking Terrorist Networks – 2/27/2010 – HackMiami Hack-A-Thon * VENUE CHANGED

Join us for an afternoon of espionage and intrigue. HackMiami is proud to present “Hacking Terrorist Networks.” The presentation will touch on multiple aspects of forensics, encryption, hacking methodology, and discuss how they relate to the tracking of extremists. The presenter has several years of experience in this very unique field, and has put together […]

HackMiami wins 3rd place @ ShmooCon GiTSC Contest

HackMiami won 3rd place at Shmoocon’s Ghost in the Shell Code hacking contest. It was a CTF style game that incorporated multiple aspects of hacking methodology. Good work! Unfortunately we had to drive back to Miami early Sunday morning and we missed the closing ceremonies. Here is a link to the complete video of the […]

HackMiami Hack-A-Thon – 2/13/2010

Join us for an afternoon of h4x0ring!!!!!!! At 1:30pm we will have a presentation by Alexander Heid entitled “Tools of the Underground.” The presentation will focus on the tools and methodologies of the cybercrime underground, including information about the Zeus trojan, shell scripts, exploit kits, and more. Alexander Heid is a local security researcher, vulnerability […]