Hacking Terrorist Networks – 2/27/2010 – HackMiami Hack-A-Thon * VENUE CHANGED

Join us for an afternoon of espionage and intrigue.

HackMiami is proud to present “Hacking Terrorist Networks.”

The presentation will touch on multiple aspects of forensics, encryption, hacking methodology, and discuss how they relate to the tracking of extremists.

The presenter has several years of experience in this very unique field, and has put together one of the world’s largest open source databases of extremist multimedia.

After the presentation there will be open discussions regarding the latest trends in hacking, cracking, reverse engineering, lockpicking, and more!

Everyone is welcome, n00bz and 1337z alike!

***!!!!!!****!****!!!!! VENUE CHANGE !!!!!****!****!!!!!!***

We outgrew the space at FIU and now we have a new location at Pizza Mansion… we can have one thing here that we couldn’t have at FIU…. BEER!!!!!!

Pizza + Beer + Hacking = WIN

The new venue is about 10 minutes away from the school, so it’s not that big of a geographic change at all, hope to see everyone there!

Febuary 27th, 2010
1pm – 6pm
Pizza Mansion
6917 west flagler st.
Miami, FL 33134