Archives for March 2010

HackMiami presents Hacking with Gumstix – 3/27/2010

These microcomputers are essentially digital canvasses for you to turn into whatever you can imagine. Join us Saturday March 27, 2010 for “Hacking with Gumstix” presented by Dickson Kwong. We will be going over the methods of turning these tiny sticks of hardware into weaponized swiss army knives of 1337. Dickson Kwong is a local […]

Hack-A-Thon 3/13/2010 – HackMiami on CRACK(ing)! Password cracking tools and techniques that is!

Join us for an afternoon of password cracking! On 3/13/2010, HackMiami will present on the methods of password cracking, the tools used to carry it out, and ways to mitigate the threat. We will touch upon online cracking, offline cracking, rainbow tables, fuzzing, wordlists, salts, hashes, and more! We will also have a few systems […]