Hack-A-Thon 3/13/2010 – HackMiami on CRACK(ing)! Password cracking tools and techniques that is!

Join us for an afternoon of password cracking!

On 3/13/2010, HackMiami will present on the methods of password cracking, the tools used to carry it out, and ways to mitigate the threat. We will touch upon online cracking, offline cracking, rainbow tables, fuzzing, wordlists, salts, hashes, and more!

We will also have a few systems with various tools running on them (wifi cracking and offline hash cracking).

Bring your (anonymized!!!!) hashes and handshakes to feed to the machines and see how they hold up. They take it with and without salt. 🙂

After the presentation there will be open discussions regarding the latest trends in hacking, cracking, reverse engineering, lockpicking, and more!

Everyone is welcome, n00bz and 1337z alike!

Notice we have changed location, we are no longer at FIU… we are now at Pizza Mansion, it’s a new place that has beer and free wifi!!!

Date: Saturday, March 13, 2010
Time: 1:00pm – 6:00pm
Location: Pizza Mansion
Street: 6917 west flagler st.
City/Town: Miami, FL