HackMiami Hack-A-Thon – 6/5/2010 – Core Impact vs Rapid7 Metasploit

Core Impact and Rapid7 Metasploit are ridiculously powerful tools that are known for dominating networks and laying ruin to unpatched machines.

Jason Malley of n00bz.net will be joining us as we set up a small lab of vuln boxes, and pit the two leading penetration testing suites against each other to see which will pwn the most efficiently. As always, there will be plenty of hot pizza and cold beer.

Did you know you can feed your certs by attending HackMiami meetings? Earn free credits by showing up and participating in the hands on h4x0ring.

Time: 1pm – 5:30pm
Location: Pizza Mansion
6917 west flagler st.
Miami, FL, 33144