HackMiami arrives at Hotel Penn for The Next Hope

HackMiami has arrived at the Hotel Pennsylvania and is setting up a table at the Hackerspace Village. Follow the events on Twitter on @hackmiami and @thenexthope.

Here is a list of the talks that will include members of HackMiami –

Hackerspaces Forever: A Panel Presented by Hackerspaces.org

Friday 2100 Tesla (2 hours)

Nick Farr (HacDC, Washington DC, USA), Mitch Altman (Noisebridge, San Francisco, USA), Sean Bonner (Crashspace, Los Angeles, USA / HackspaceSG, Singapore), Johannes Grenzfurthner (hackbus.at, Vienna, Austria), Markus “fin” Hametner (Metalab, Vienna, Austria), Alexander Heid (HackMiami, Miami, FL, USA), Nathan “JimShoe” Warner (Makers Local 256, Huntsville, AL, USA), Matt Joyce (NYC Resistor, Brooklyn, NY, USA), Carlyn Maw (Crashspace, Los Angeles, CA, USA), Far McKon (Hive 76, Philadelphia, PA, USA), Psytek (Alpha One Labs, Brooklyn, NY, USA)

We called your excuses invalid at The Last HOPE and you proved us right! Since launching hackerspaces.org at The Last HOPE, there’s been phenomenal worldwide growth in the hackerspaces movement. Continuing to build on progress, this panel discussion brought to you by Hackerspaces.org will focus on strategies to help avoid drama, grow your hackerspace, and connect with your community.

Modern CrimeWare Tools and Techniques: An Analysis of Underground Resources

Saturday 1500 Bell

Alexander Heid

This talk will highlight the features, functions, availability, and impact of modern crimeware tools. The talk will have a specific focus on the Zeus payload and command/control application, and will touch upon other leading banking malware. In addition to detailed technical information, the talk will highlight the history and evolution of this particular trojan and the underground economy that drives it. Furthermore, there will be discussion of other tools that are often used in conjunction with the payload, such as remote exploit kits. The talk will also highlight mitigation techniques and basic design principles for web applications and server configurations that can help reduce the impact of crimeware on individuals and organizations.

Hacking Terrorist Networks Logically and Emotionally

Sunday 1000 Bell

Hat Trick

This presentation will touch upon broad aspects of forensics, encryption, and social engineering, and how they relate to the tracking of extremists.

Hat Trick has over seven years of experience in this very unique field, and has put together one of the world’s largest open source databases of extremist multimedia. Topics covered include common vulnerabilities of extremist sites, the unique behaviors of extremists, how to get terrorist IPs and passwords, and what to do with them when you’ve got them.