Hackathon Saturday August 7th 2010

Join us for a Defcon 18 review and a speech on Social Engineering.

Poison Apples: Physical Media Social Engineering

By: David Martinez

As more and more workplaces become increasingly aware of both their physical and digital security needs, one factor remains a weak link; Human curiosity. As a result, Social Engineering attacks and techniques have become common-place and well known; but they can be improved. Using simple physical media, entry-level scripting techniques, and a bit of planning and common sense, a malicious individual could infiltrate a corporate infrastructure without doing ANY remote penetration, and with little, to no risk of being caught. Topics covered will include batch scripting the media, planning out the attack and distribution, and how a physical media attack could be used in different situations and environments.

Other talks TBA

Date: Saturday 8/7/2010

Time: Doors open @ 1pm, speech begins at 1:30pm, doors close at 5:30pm

Location: Pizza Mansion

6917 W Flagler Street

Miami, FL 33144