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Rapid7 Ranks First In Pen Testing Face-Off

Metasploit Express places first in the HackMiami 2010 penetration testing competition Jun 30, 2010 | 06:33 PM BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Rapid7′, the leading provider of unified vulnerability management, compliance and penetration testing solutions, today announced that Metasploit Express™, its new penetration testing product, placed first in the HackMiami 2010 penetration testing competition held this month between Rapid7 […]

HackMiami Hack-A-Thon – 6/5/2010 – Core Impact vs Rapid7 Metasploit

Core Impact and Rapid7 Metasploit are ridiculously powerful tools that are known for dominating networks and laying ruin to unpatched machines. Jason Malley of will be joining us as we set up a small lab of vuln boxes, and pit the two leading penetration testing suites against each other to see which will pwn […]

HackMiami presents Automated WiFi Cracking – 5/22/2010

Join us Saturday May, 22 at 1:00pm for an afternoon of WiFi cracking and WiFi HoneyPot creation. We will be presenting on various tools and techniques for automated wifi cracking, with a specific focus on the Gerix WiFi Cracker in Backtrack 4, as well as tools and techniques for setting up wifi honeypots and luring […]

HackMiami presents Buffer Overflows – 5/8/2010 – Hack-A-Thon

Join us for an afternoon of pizza, beer, and stack smashing as HackMiami presents Buffer Overflows by Mike Armella. We will be going over the concepts, principles, and techniques used in buffer overflow attacks. We will also be going over the tools used to discover and exploit overflow vulnerabilities. Mike Armella is a local security […]

HackMiami presents Emerging Threats – Analysis of the Social Engineering Toolkit – 4/10/2010

Join us for our April 10, 2010 Hack-A-Thon! We will be featuring a presentation by Jorge Orchilles that goes over the ridiculously powerful Social Engineering Toolkit that comes with Backtrack 4. This exploit pack can root boxes (windows AND *nix) within seconds! We will also have a dedicated router setup that will be running the […]

HackMiami presents Hacking with Gumstix – 3/27/2010

These microcomputers are essentially digital canvasses for you to turn into whatever you can imagine. Join us Saturday March 27, 2010 for “Hacking with Gumstix” presented by Dickson Kwong. We will be going over the methods of turning these tiny sticks of hardware into weaponized swiss army knives of 1337. Dickson Kwong is a local […]