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Hackmiami Meeting @ LMS House of Rhythm and Poetry 01-07-2012

We will have our first meeting of the year 2012 on Saturday, January 7th. The purpose of this meeting is to gather ideas and projects for the upcoming year. Do you have a presentation you would like to give at Hackmiami?. Do you have any maker projects you would like to spearhead? We are looking […]

Kommand && KonTroll CTF -TAMPA 12-17-2011 –Updated

Results and recap at     Tampa-Orlando-The space coast. Home of some of the best CTF players in the country. We cannot wait to have “La Bestia”at their mercy… We will be at the White Hatters Computer Security Club at the University of South Florida on December 17th, 2011. This is an OPEN event […]

Hackmiami Meeting with South Dade Linux User Group

HackMiami will be joing South Dade Linux User Group this week. Please Join us Sunday November 13 for the monthly lug meeting starting at 10:30am @ The Academy located at 3100 South Dixie Hwy, Miami, Fl 33133 – Main topic is – Cas will be doing a presentation on xbmc. Which is an media player […]

HackMiami is now a for profit LLC

This is an official annoucement. HackMiami Inc has been dissolved as a non-profit entity and has been reinstated as an LLC. We have made this move so it will be easier for us to provide services to those who need them. We will be adding a page with services offered on the site shortly.

Exposing Red Star

KimtheIll will continue his presentation on the Red Star OS exposing many of its back doors and vulnerabilities with the operating system. Red Star is the North Korean operating system commissioned by Kim Jong Il. Open ports and vulnerabilities including backdoors that may or may not have been placed by the Democratic People’s Republic of […]

Modern Cyber Warfare

The purpose of the talk is to educate listeners by demonstrating the improbability of staying anonymous while engaging in group or social activities on the internet, and especially while engaging in criminal activities as a group. The talk will also highlight the the dangers of crowd-sourcing political protest, and, especially, “hacktivism.” LOCATION: 1723 W 37 […]