Ruby on Rails speaker, diving deeper into WebScarab

Join us at our next meetup where we will welcome guest speaker, Bryce “bonzoesc” Kerley giving a primer on Ruby on Rails framework and OAuth. Bryce ended a proud tradition of second-place finishes at DEF CON by using Ruby and Team Distraction to win the inaugural DEF CON Crash & Compile event. Prior to this, he worked on-and-off in the information security and web application development fields, founded the Whitehatters club in Tampa, and found an XSS hole in Twitter once too.

Picking up where we left off last meeting, we’ll continue onto OWASP’s WebScarab framework for analysing protocol contents (Get WebScarab here) and introduce new concepts for speaker presentation sessions.

Date: 3/12/2011
Time: 1:00PM

AIU Campus.
2250 North Commerce Parkway
Weston, FL
Room #108

When you arrive to the school, call or text message 305-735-9018 and a HackMiami representative will tell you the room number.

We would like to thank American Intercontinental University South Florida Campus for the generous usage of the space.