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Welcome Claudio as the new Education Czar of Hackmiami!

Claudio is the new Education Czar for Hackmiami!!  Everyone feel free to welcome him to the new position at Claudio(at)hackmiami(dot)org.  If you want to speak for a hackathon you can email him and he will review your topic.   For the hackathons we currently are looking for people to give primers on Python, Ruby on […]

HackMiami Hack-A-Thon – 2/5/2011

Join us for the first Hack-A-Thon of 2011. We will be examining some web applications in an attempt to execute arbitrary code on the server using identified vulnerabilities. We will also be charting the course for the next year, so show up and be heard! We will be meeting at a new location this time, […]