02-04-2012 Meeting at the LMS House of Rhythm and Poetry – Hacking HTML 5.0 – Project U.A.V

Security Risks HTML 5.0

This talk will provide an overview of HTML5 security threats, especially
as they relate to mobile device security. Topics will include the identification
of attack vectors, exploitation of vulnerabilities, and mitigation solutions.

Bio: Alexander Heid is a security researcher, board member of HackMiami, and
co-chair of South Florida OWASP. Heid has worked within the defense and
financial industries providing information security consultation services.

 Project U.A.V
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) is an aircraft that has the capability of
autonomous flight, without a pilot in control. David will be spearheading
this project and outlining goals, datelines and actionable items. 

This is our first Maker project and we are inviting anyone interested in
these types of projects to join us, contribute and propose new projects.

LMS House of Rythm and Poetry
LOCATION: 1723 W 37 Street (# 18)
Hialeah, Florida, 33012 USA
Time: 1:PM
(Entrance in the rear by the van)