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WordPress extensions and PHP backdoors 3-03-2012

Building the Perfect Backdoor Tyler will explore options for creating extremely stealthy backdoors for both linux and windows environments. In this first part he will cover options for keeping your backdoor hidden from the network perspective and start to explore creative ways at remaining stealthy and capturing relevant information. Tyler will speak about configuration, risks […]

Free 1 Day Information Security Conference for Students in South Florida!

The South Florida ISSA ( is hosting a one day conference on Friday, March 9, 2012 in the Signature Grand (Ft. Lauderdale). I would like to personally invite ALL students to attend the conference for FREE. Please register here with discount code of: stilllearning Please note you will need to show a student ID at the registration desk.   Details: The […]

3-17-2012 Discovering Unreported Malware & Reversing Workshop

Alexander Heid will go over different ways to find ‘zero day binaries’ in the wild. ZDB’s are malware payloads that have not yet been reported or analyzed by antivirus providers. Once we have obtained a few binaries from the wild, we will reverse the communications to find out exactly what they are doing and who […]

VoIP / SIP Vulnerabilities and Exploitation, Pentest 101

VoIP / SIP Vulnerabilities and Exploitation by Pr0xy The talk will be an analysis of VoIP vulnerabilities and exploitation vectors. Proxy will  discuss Asterisk and related web applications and demonstrate how improper configurations can lead to complete network compromise Speaker Bio: Pr0xy 🙂        Pentest 101 by Rod Soto   By popular demand, […]