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9-1-2012 The story behind the Dirt Jumper SQL Injection Whitepaper, & Project OpenROV

The Story Behind the Dirt Jumper SQL Injection Whitepaper – UPDATE – Rescheduled for 9-15-2012 The folks from Prolexic Technologies PLXsert will talk about their most current research on vulnerabilities within the Dirt Jumper DDoS botnet. This research has been featured in multiple global media outlets and made international headlines last week. The talk will […]

8-18-2012 Wi-Fi Attack vectors workshop

Wi-Fi Attack vectors workshop Ariel Braverman will go over different vulnerabilities and attack vectors that common FREE WI-FI users are exposed at coffee shops, airports, subway, etc.  A complete demonstration on how attackers can compromise a free wi-fi network, record and view its traffic even through SSL. ISSA Hack The Flag 2012 recap We will […]

Kommand && KonTroll CTF 2 / Samurai CTF at Hack The Flag 2012

  On August 11th we will be at the Ukranian Church (5031 S.W. 100th Avenue, Cooper City, FL 33328) for the release of Kommand && KonTroll CTF 2 “Revenge of the Carders”. Here is the registration link and what you need to know before playing: Registration: Read before you play: We will try to start […]