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8-18-2012 Wi-Fi Attack vectors workshop

Wi-Fi Attack vectors workshop Ariel Braverman will go over different vulnerabilities and attack vectors that common FREE WI-FI users are exposed at coffee shops, airports, subway, etc.  A complete demonstration on how attackers can compromise a free wi-fi network, record and view its traffic even through SSL. ISSA Hack The Flag 2012 recap We will […]

Kommand && KonTroll CTF 2 / Samurai CTF at Hack The Flag 2012

  On August 11th we will be at the Ukranian Church (5031 S.W. 100th Avenue, Cooper City, FL 33328) for the release of Kommand && KonTroll CTF 2 “Revenge of the Carders”. Here is the registration link and what you need to know before playing: Registration: Read before you play: We will try to start […]

8-4-2012 Workshop Raspberry PI / SamuraiWTF 2.0

Raspberry PI What is a Raspberry PI?. What can it be used for? Implications for security Presenter: @AceXor           Samurai WTF 2.0 We will go over Justin Searle @meaas Samurai WTF 2.0 web security tools distribution.  . Samurai WTF is the best security distribution for web application security testing.  If […]

7-21-2012 Collective Intel Framework/ Defcon XX Pre Con Meeting / Hack The Flag Crash Course

Our next meeting after  HOPE 9 we will have a fully loaded meeting covering the following: CIF – Collective Intelligence Framework Typically threat intelligence is a crucial aspect of CIRT (Computer Incident Response Teams), usually CIRT have to navigate various sources for this threat intelligence consuming time and usually have zero control of the data aggregated by the […]

7-7-2012 Metasploitable 2 workshop, HOPE Number 9 Pre-Con Meeting

Our next meeting we will have a workshop on Metasploitable 2 virtual machine and we will have a network setup so attendants can verify, exploit vulnerabilities in this virtual machine. You can also download it here  and you can also find more information  here:     We will also be doing a pre-con talk […]

Hackmiami featured on Circuit Cellar Magazine

Hackerspace has been featured on Circuit Cellar Magazine       Check out the article at :