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6-23-2012 – Security Challenges in Virtualization Technologies – RFID Psy-OPS Part II

On June 23rd we will have two presentations. Security Challenges in Virtualization technologies    Rod Soto will talk about attack vectors, security shortfalls and mitigation and defense techniques in most commonly used Virtualization technlogies such as Hyper-V, Vsphere, Xen Server/XenApp. Presenter: @rodsoto  –Slides           Planet Linux Caffe- 1 PM 1430 Ponce De […]

6-9-2012 – Social Engineering tools and techniques

Social Engineering is one of the easiest ways to obtain sensitive information by bypassing all of your controls focusing on people’s weaknesses. It relies on manipulating your victim’s mind to give out sensitive information such as passwords, credit card information, social security, etc. This talk will offer hints for those performing social engineering as well […]

5-26-2012 Anonymizing Technologies workshop –

  In the next hackathon we will have a workshop on internet anonymizing technologies such as   TOR, I2P, Proxies, PGP, VPN, etc. Alex Heid will  provide information and examples how to use these technologies and their importance to protect your privacy. No laws will be broken during this presentation. Also DEFCON XX CTF quals […]

Hackmiami @ DEFCON XX – July 26th-29-2012 – Las Vegas, NV

Hackmiami will be participating in DEFCON XX in Las Vegas, Nevada. Participation may vary as we receive approvals or rejection for talks or other submissions. We are hosting a contest in support of the Wireless Village. DEFCON XX will be EPIC and we hope to see you there. More announcements (if applicable) via @hackmiami. Homebrew […]

5-12-2012 Encryption for everyone, Logistics of Cyber Terrorism, Cyberweapons/2nd Amendment/Castle Law

Next hackathon will have 2 presentations and one open discussion Encryption for everyone  Alex Heid will provide information, methods and technologies to protect your data, identity and communications on the internet. Several open source available technologies and examples will be provided during the presentation. Presenter: Alex Heid Open discussion- Cyberweapons / 2nd Amendment /Castle law […]

4-28-2012-Hack – Triathlon

Alright kids… On April 28th there will be 3 awesome events you should attend at Planet Linux Caffee in Coral Gables  South Dade Linux User Group at 10:30 AM EST Please Join us Saturday, April 28 for our monthly lug meeting starting at 10:30am at the Planet Linux Cafe located at 1430 Ponce De Leon […]