DDoS Attack Bandwidth Jumps 718%

ddos_bdw_upThe average bandwidth seen in distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks has recently increased by a factor of seven, jumping from 6 Gbps to 48 Gbps. Furthermore, 10% of DDoS attacks now exceed 60 Gbps.

Those findings come from a new report released Wednesday by DDoS mitigation service provider Prolexic Technologies, which saw across-the-board increases in DDoS attack metrics involving the company’s customers.

“Average packet-per-second rate and average bit rate spiked in the first quarter and both are growing at a fast clip,” said Prolexic president Stuart Scholly in a statement. “When you have average — not peak — rates in excess of 45 Gbps and 30 million packets per second, even the largest enterprises, carriers and, quite frankly, most mitigation providers, are going to face significant challenges.”

In the first three months of 2013, 77% of DDoS attacks targeted bandwidth capacity and routing infrastructure, while 23% were application-level attacks that didn’t overwhelm targeted networks through packet quantity, but rather by disrupting critical applications or processes running on a server. Read the entire article>>

Source: Information Week | by: Matthew Schwartz