10-08-2016 Cyber Security and Data Privacy in the context of Surveillance Law – Quantum Computing 101


Have you heard of CALEA, ECPA or the CFAA? Do you understand what compelled assistance means? In the most recent iPhone case that belonged to one of the San Bernardino attackers, the “All Writs Act” was used to compel Apple to break into it. Why was that so massively rejected by the experts? Just because of the backdoor or there was some other reason?

By the way, what is privacy? Is it a right? How far does the 4th amendment and 5th amendment protects us? If you are asked to provide the password to decrypt your hard drive or open your phone while entering the US through an airport or crossing the border by car, is it ok? How about if you are stopped during a routine traffic violation? Have you heard about the “knowledge gap” when applying the 4th amendment?

Are the privacy laws in the European Union better than the industry self regulated system we have in the US? How about the mass collection of data and metadata the federal government has performed since the 911 attack?

We are more and more dependent and addicted to “free” services. Social media is “free”, searching is “free”. We pay mostly with metadata. What are the possible legal repercussions of that? Should we be worried in light of existing statute? How similar are the old school investigations and what has been done in the internet.

I am not an attorney and I cannot and won’t give legal advice. I have been engaged with Law Enforcement and I understand where they come from. I am a big supporter of what they do, but not necessarily agree with everything. So let’s have a lively debate about Surveillance Law and what is the current balance between security (surveillance) and privacy.

Presenter: Muttley

Quantum Computing 101


Dr. Joseph Zadeh will give a presentation on how quantum mechanics are used to store and process information. This will be an introductory talk about quantum computing covering basic concepts, current status of technology and future use and application. This will be a remote presentation from Silicon Valley right after Muttley’s talk.


Broward Main Library – First Floor (Creation station) 2PM