Hackmiami Conference 5 CFP is now open!


We are very excited and looking forward to our conference number 5 since 2013!. The CFP is now open for everybody to submit their talks, training or event proposals!. Please go to www.hackmiami.com and complete the forms or email us at info@hackmiami.org. Here are some past guidelines for the CFP

— Talks involving OFFENSIVE research (Make sure you can backup your research as we have been sent non original stuff, trust us, we will find out and call you out)

— Talks that question current state of affairs in INFOSEC/HACKING/DIGITAL RIGHTS

— Intel, Counter-intel, IN or COIN in the digital domain

— HACKTIVISM you are more than welcome

— Contests. We are open to new ideas as far as contests go. Remember there is already a main CTF but there are open spots for wireless, lock picking, hardware stuff

— We are not opposed to DEFENSE talks but they must be sexy :)…

— Whitehat underground research ( You only know it, if you are part of it)

— Workshops for tools or apps. (Workshops should be limited to two to 3 hours and are likely to be placed after 5 PM every day if it is a day workshop then submit as training).

We are looking for up and comers, never given a chance, rejected at mainstream conferences. There are plenty of great mainstream hacking/infosec conferences and we love them and participate at them, but we do not want to repeat what they do. We are willing to take risks on your content and research as long as it does not violate the law or presents risk to the conference, also neither US, YOU OR GOD will prevent feds from attending :).

You do not have to send us everything but make sure you articulate your case well. Bear in mind that people will call you out if you copy, steal or do not give credit.. Go ahead submit ? and thanks in advance for submitting.

Mail CFP Here