This Saturday. Two WORLD class presentations at Hackmiami.

The story behind WIRE X by Chad Seaman as seen in Krebs on Security

A half dozen technology and security companies — some of them competitors — issued the exact same press release today. This unusual level of cross-industry collaboration caps a successful effort to dismantle ‘WireX,’ an extraordinary new crime machine comprising tens of thousands of hacked Android mobile devices that was used this month to launch a series of massive cyber attacks.
Experts involved in the takedown warn that WireX marks the emergence of a new class of attack tools that are more challenging to defend against and thus require broader industry cooperation to defeat.


CHIRON – As presented in DerbyCON – Home based ML security framework


Rod Soto, Joseph Zadeh – CHIRON – Home based ML IDS

“CHIRON is an open source python based Machine Learning framework that applies security analytics to home network traffic and for dynamic learning of indicators of external threats and other potential malicious activity. The tool continuously monitors network traffic and applies machine learning techniques for adaptive discovery and baselining of a small user population. Initial use cases in v1.0 include:

– Identification of assets in home network (IoTs, Workstations, Laptops, Servers, routers)

– Fingerprints users, services, and protocols

– Applies analytics to users and devices (Average session length, Traffic, Visited sites) to determine standard usage behavior and service profiles

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