HackMiami Hack-A-Thon – 11/6/2010 – Owning IT Automation (Part Deux)

Last meeting we beat the crap out of a popular IT automation software package, this meeting we intend to finish it off. Join us as we go through the various vulnerabilities we have discovered over the last two weeks. IT Automation software is used by enterprise networks to manage large swaths of machines. They function […]

HackMiami researcher releases 0day Multi-Vendor AntiVirus Vulnerability at Hacker Halted Conference

(Miami, FL) – HackMiami researcher Jason of n00bz.net revealed a 0day muti-vendor AntiVirus bypass vulnerability at the Hacker Halted conference in Miami last Thursday. After disclosing the vulnerability to vendors and awaiting a patch release by McAfee, Jason presented the proof of concept methodology at the conference by successfully executing malicious code on target machines […]

HackMiami Hack-A-Thon – 10/16/2010 – Owning IT Automation

IT Automation software is used by enterprise networks to manage large swaths of machines in a single go. They function with a client/server relationship where an administrator can remotely access systems within the network in order to work with them. In other words, they function a lot like botnets, and for the most part, are […]

HackMiami Hack-A-Thon – 10/2/2010 – Backtracing Botnets: Consequences will never be the same

Join us for an afternoon of forensics and pwnage as we are joined by Humberto of destr0y.net. He will be going over a method of locating botnet command and control servers via analysis of an infected machine. Afterwards, Alex will present on ways to analyse the C&C servers for any vulnerabilities or misconfigurations that can […]

HackMiami offering discounted student passes to Hacker Halted 2010 conference!

HackMiami has been able to obtain exclusive discount codes for registration to the 2010 Hacker Halted conference in Miami, FL for students! This conference normally costs over a thousand bucks, however students will be able to access the conference on October 13 & 14 for $200! This is an exclusive hookup for HackMiami, so take […]

Using Metasploit Express to own a Domain Controller

Check out this writeup from Jason of n00bz.net / HackMiami So you DLL Hijacked someone or they opened an Evil PDF that they found on the thumb drive in the bathroom!  Is this a big deal?  Yes!  Today I will show you how to go from one of the client side attacks to owning a […]