HackMiami Web Application PwnOff 2013

Whitepaper: HackMiami Web Application Scanner 2013 PwnOff An Analysis of Automated Web Application Scanning Suites Presented by: James Ball, Alexander Heid, and Rod Soto This document is an analysis of the performance of five common web application scanners, which were put against three different types of web applications. The document will provide as an evaluation […]

Whitepaper: Analysis of the Cryptocurrency Marketplace

An overview of  the technical, economic, and social impact of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin by: Alexander Heid This document will go into a comprehensive level of detail about cryptocurrency technologies and protocols, as this is required to familiarize the reader with the principles behind the rapidly emerging open source economic ecosystem.  Furthermore, emerging […]

CNN’s Oppenheimer discusses Internet Freedom with Rod Soto

Rod Soto, Secretary of HackMiami will appear Sunday night, October 20, 2013 on CNN Latino’s popular show, Oppenheimer Presenta. Soto will join Andres Oppenheimer and guest Alberto Arebalos to discuss the various approaches to internet freedom around the world. Governments around the world are facing the challenge of balancing free expression and national security, often […]

Kommand && Kontroll Capture the Flag | Hacking Training Simulation

The Kommand && KonTroll CTF is one of the most realistic competitive hacking tournaments ever designed. Real life computer security challenges have been designed that highlight the the latest in malware, web application vulnerabilities and infrastructure attacks. The Kommand && Kontroll CTF extreme hacking series has been featured at numerous hacker and security conferences around […]

Digital Crime Intelligence & Forensic Analysis Training

Course Description: This comprehensive course will go over various tools and methodologies that are used during digital crime intelligence gathering and analysis. The course will go into detail on OSINT research methods, social engineering HUMINT methods, intelligence correlation methods, and how to get into the mindset of an attacker. Part 1 of course will focus […]

VoIP Attacks and Defense Training

Course Description: This course will cover all aspects of VoIP security configurations in a comprehensive lab environment. The course will cover exploitation techniques, post exploitation methodologies, denial of service vectors, and blackhat monetization methods that are in use by malicious actors during the present. Participants of the course will execute all concepts in a lab […]