Hackmiami Hackers Conference 2014 CFP


Hackmiami Conference 2014 CFP Hello again and thanks for considering submitting your talks, contest,training, workshops or ideas to us.   Here is basically what we are looking for:       — Talks involving OFFENSIVE research (Make sure you can backup your research as we have been sent non original stuff, trust us we will […]

12-21-2013 Reversing 101 mini CTF, End of the year meeting


Introduction to Reverse Engineering In this presentation we will be discussing the what how and why’s of Reverse Engineering. Topics that we will cover are: What is Reverse Engineering? Why learn to Reverse Engineer Code? How to learn to Reverse Engineer? Introduction to x86 Assembly We’ll discuss some of the most common tools used by many reverse engineers and basic usage of those tools. We will also […]

12-7-2013 Winter Hacker Festival

2013 Winter Hacker Festival   HackMiami is proud to present  the 2013 Winter Hacker Festival in Miami Beach, Florida. Events include comprehensive SQL injection class, a Capture the Flag contest, and live music by the best performers in the nerdcore scene. This HackMiami sponsored event will be held December 5th-7th, 2013. While discussions over digital […]

11-23-2013 Printing guns with Makerbot


Printing guns with Makerbot         The Hussla will speak about the implications of 3-D printing in regards to the making of gun parts. How to get started on 3-D printing and the current examples available on the web. The legal implications and future challenges of these type of technologies. More info about […]

11-09-2013 Scripting for Pentesters – Hacking the bot


November 09th meeting will cover the following items: Scripting for Pentesters           @n1tr0g3n_com   from Team CTFU will go over some basic scripts that can be used by Penetration Testers during assessments.   Hacking the bot               The Hussla will go over a project that consist […]

10-26-2013 CTF 101

capture the flag

On October 26th we will cover the following topic: Computer security Capture The Flag games: – What are they? – Is it only for UBER technical people? – NO – What gear do I need to play in one? – How can I make a team and play? – Where do I get information about […]