02-22-2014 HTML5 exploitation, BEEF2


02-22-2014 HTML5 exploitation, BEEF2   Mobmane will be presenting on methods of exploiting applications developed in HTML5 language. He will also be showing how to use BEEF2 (Browser exploitation framework 2), which is a penetration testing tool used to probe and exploit vulnerabilities in internet browser applications such as Safari, Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer. […]

02-08-2014 Effective Red Team Techniques, Operational Risk Management

Effective Red Team techniques A  Red Team exercise in the context of penetration testing is a procedure where security professionals probe an organization’s security without their knowledge. Jason Bunch will be presenting on the most effective techniques when performing these type of exercises. Operational Risk Management Francisco will be giving an introduction to Operational Risk […]

1-25-2014 Cyberstalking and Google Dorking


Cyberstalking  and Google Dorking Ace X0r  will show the different ways of using search engines and most specifically google to obtain sensitive information about people. He will also show how easy is to DOXX an individual using commonly known public sources of information, and the possible ways malicious actors can use them to cyberstalk their victims. […]

1-11-2014 First meeting of the year


  We will have our first meeting of the year 2014 on Saturday, January 11th. The purpose of this meeting is to gather ideas and projects for the upcoming year. Do you have a presentation you would like to give at Hackmiami?. Do you have any maker projects you would like to spearhead? Do you have […]

Hackmiami Hackers Conference 2014 CFP


Hackmiami Conference 2014 CFP Hello again and thanks for considering submitting your talks, contest,training, workshops or ideas to us.   Here is basically what we are looking for:       — Talks involving OFFENSIVE research (Make sure you can backup your research as we have been sent non original stuff, trust us we will […]

12-21-2013 Reversing 101 mini CTF, End of the year meeting


Introduction to Reverse Engineering In this presentation we will be discussing the what how and why’s of Reverse Engineering. Topics that we will cover are: What is Reverse Engineering? Why learn to Reverse Engineer Code? How to learn to Reverse Engineer? Introduction to x86 Assembly We’ll discuss some of the most common tools used by many reverse engineers and basic usage of those tools. We will also […]