FDIC: 2011 FIS Breach Worse Than Reported


A 2011 hacker break-in at banking industry behemoth Fidelity National Information Services (FIS) was far more extensive and serious than the company disclosed in public reports, banking regulators warned FIS customers last month. The disclosure highlights a shocking lack of basic security protections throughout one of the nation’s largest financial services providers. Jacksonville, Fla. based FIS […]

Android Mobile Attacks Spreading Across The Globe, McAfee Finds


Mobile attackers have been consistently targeting owners of Android smartphones and tablets in China and Russia, but McAfee said Monday that it is seeing signs of the mobile threat spreading to other parts of the world. Mobile device owners in South Korea, Italy and India suffered targeted attacks primarily aimed at Android devices, according to […]

Hackers Attack Turkish Govt. Sites in Support of Protests


MOSCOW, June 3 (RIA Noosti) – A group of computer hackers known as Anonymous carried out early on Monday a series of cyberattacks on Turkish government websites in retaliation for violent police response to anti-government protests. Several Anonymous messages in its Twitter blog provide links to the sites, including those of President Turkish President Abdullah […]

Bradley Manning and us: a soldier for truth on trial


“Manning confessed his leak to Adrian Lamo after reading about the ex-hacker in Wired. Lamo, pallid and twitchy, is a Judas straight out of Central Casting. He pumped Manning for information, claiming that their communications were protected because Lamo was both a journalist and a priest. Then, he turned Manning over to the FBI.”  America loves […]

Introducing Strongbox; Open-Source Tools at The New Yorker


From NewYorker.com | May 15, 2013 | by Amy Davidson “This morning, The New Yorker launched Strongbox, an online place where people can send documents and messages to the magazine, and we, in turn, can offer them a reasonable amount of anonymity. It was put together by Aaron Swartz, who died in January, and Kevin […]

China Cyberspies Outwit U.S. Stealing Military Secrets


Among defense contractors, QinetiQ North America (QQ/) is known for spy-world connections and an eye- popping product line. Its contributions to national security include secret satellites, drones, and software used by U.S. special forces in Afghanistan and the Middle East. Former CIA Director George Tenet was a director of the company from 2006 to 2008 […]