8-31-2013 Introduction to Packet Analysis, VoIP Vulnerabilities and Exploitation

On Saturday August 31st we will have two presentations: Introduction to Packet Analysis         King Tuna will go over the basics of analyzing network traffic, how to spot malicious traffic and the different tools you can use to conduct network monitoring and forensics.   VoIP Vulnerabilities and exploitation         […]

8-17-2013 DEFCON XXI recap, Reversing Carberp, Kommand && KonTroll CTF 4 trailer

On August 17th we will be covering the following items BLACKHAT / DEFCON XXI recap This was without any doubt one of the best DEFCON ever. We had a great time met a lot good people, old friends and in general it was amazing. We will talk about the CTFs, the panels, the heckling, the […]

Hackmiami at DEFCON XXI

There will be many of us going to DEFCON XXI this year. There are some talks from hackmiami members that will be featured at DEFCON this year. DEFCON 101 Intro to Web Application Hacking https://forum.defcon.org/showthread.php?t=13444 This talk will will cover web application attack basics to get any n00b started on the path of web app pentesting. […]

HackMiami Publishes Whitepaper: Analysis of the Cryptocurrency Marketplace

HackMiami Publishes Whitepaper ‘Analysis of the Cryptocurrency Marketplace,’ Comprehensive Overview of Bitcoin, Litecoin and Related Attack Vectors Leveraged by Hackers Hackers, commodities traders, and the general population are turning to cryptocurrency during times of regional unrest and economic instability resulting in significant shifts in commodities marketplaces. MIAMI, FL (PRWEB) July 18, 2013 HackMiami has released […]

Edward Snowden: Sounding the Alarm

Behold Big Data | Transparency and the Hacker Ethic July 01, 2013 HackMiami.org | By: D.L. Christopher In recent weeks, the world has learned of multiple domestic spying programs that are being conducted by the National Security Agency. The revelations are the work of the elusive Edward Snowden, a whistle-blower formerly employed by the NSA […]

7-6-2013 Pre-crime Technologies and Countermeasures: The end of free will?

This talk/panel will discuss the development of predictive technologies as they relate to the identification and mitigation of crimes in progress. The discussion will analyze real world implementations (such as Trapwire), as well as the implementation of similar technologies to predict digital attacks. The talk will go into detail on the following topics: free will, empiricism, behaviorism, discussion and analysis of […]