HackMiami’s Whitepaper Archive

We invite you to visit HackMiami’s Whitepaper Archive. HackMiami publishes whitepapers for researchers, businesses, and technical audiences. Our papers cover a variety of topics and investigate the latest developments in internet security and important trends in the global threatscape. Because the terrain of the digital landscape is constantly shifting, we invite you to visit our […]

HackMiami Web Application PwnOff 2013

Whitepaper: HackMiami Web Application Scanner 2013 PwnOff An Analysis of Automated Web Application Scanning Suites Presented by: James Ball, Alexander Heid, and Rod Soto This document is an analysis of the performance of five common web application scanners, which were put against three different types of web applications. The document will provide as an evaluation […]

Whitepaper: Analysis of the Cryptocurrency Marketplace

An overview of  the technical, economic, and social impact of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin by: Alexander Heid This document will go into a comprehensive level of detail about cryptocurrency technologies and protocols, as this is required to familiarize the reader with the principles behind the rapidly emerging open source economic ecosystem.  Furthermore, emerging […]