Digital Crime Intelligence & Forensic Analysis

digital_forensicsCourse Description:

This comprehensive course will go over various tools and methodologies that are used during digital crime intelligence gathering and analysis. The course will go into detail on OSINT research methods, social engineering HUMINT methods, intelligence correlation methods, and how to get into the mindset of an attacker.

Part 1 of course will focus on the methodology, processes, tools, and techniques used by malicious actors, and how various attacks are carried out. Part 2 will go over what kind of evidence is left behind, and what to do with the evidence once it has been gathered. Furthermore, techniques of attributing malicious activity to individuals or groups will be discussed.

By the end of the course, the student will have an understanding of the underlying processes of digital crime intelligence gathering, will have experience in the successful execution of attacks, and the forensic reporting process that follows the attack.

Minimum Student Requirements:

– A Laptop with at least 4Gb of RAM with the ability to run multiple virtual machines.
– Understanding of Basic Networking Concepts
– Basic Linux Skills

Target Audience: The class is perfect for those seeking diversify their skillets within the information security and threat intelligence fields, especially those seeking to develop the skills and experience needed to succeed as an attack forensics analyst.

About the Trainer:

Alexander Heid is co-founder and President of HackMiami, and is a Senior Security Researcher at Prolexic Technologies with the PLXsert team. Previously Heid served as Chapter Chair for South Florida OWASP. He has previously worked within the finance and defense industries as a vulnerability analyst.

Heid’s specialties include digital crime intelligence analysis, application security auditing, vulnerability analysis, penetration testing, and malware reversal. Much of the research he has participated in has been featured at national industry conferences and global mainstream media.